Our friends over at Bluestonecommerce have added some guitars to their holiday inventory. Why not Click on the Picture below to visit their site and view their line of Gibson beginner guitars.

These reasonably-priced Gibson electric guitars make a great holiday gift for the beginning rocker…

This guy has the biggest hair (outside of Johnny Bravo) that I have ever seen.

But, if you want an enlightening, informative and surprisingly technical explaination of one of America’s classic iconic guitars, watch this VDO that I happend to find on YouTube. (Love that YouTube). You can learn practically anything there.

There it is – two of my favorites: Gibson and YouTube. (Not really crazy about the hair).

Yes! Those neo-classsical shredders are amazing! Blazing licks. Sweeping, melodic arpeggios. Clean, crisp runs. Beautiful – and the technique is flawless.

But let’s not forget the guitarists of last generation. A totally different style to be sure – but the technique is just as impressive. People like Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt – and of course, this guy – George Lynch…

Ya, I know – I had the same thought – not much of a lesson (more of an interview). But I still couldn’t stop watching. I would love to be able to play like George – wouldn’t you?

Shread Academy instructor Roo gives us a sweep picking pattern to learn and practice. This execise is unique in that it shows us sweep picking in its purest form – six notes on the downstroke and six on the upstroke with no hammer-ons or pull-offs. See the video below to learn this exercise…

In part 1; we discussed various metronome techniques to advance our awareness, concentration, feeling, and broaden our minds while practicing. This article will go into what we should be practicing and, more importantly, thinking when using those techniques.

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I’m not going to kid you; playing Jazz Guitar is extremely difficult at best and almost downright impossible at worst. However there are things you can do to improve your improvisation skills and feeling and we’ll discuss them throughout this multi part series so look for additional parts in the near future.

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If your a new guitar player then you are probably wondering what is a good guitar to start with. This article will go over the different types of guitars and where a new guitar player should start.

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Many people think about being able to play the guitar but need reassurance concerning what to expect when they try to learn guitar at a late age in life. By late I mean forties or fifties but really the term can apply to any age past the teen years. A bonus for mature age guitar students is that if you learn guitar it can actually help keep your hands and mind alive and healthy. There’s an additional benefit in that your friends and family will think you are a hero before you are even able to play.

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Learning to play classical guitar is an art that should be taken seriously. Classical guitar has a long history and many traditions that need to be respected and upheld when you learn to play classical guitar.

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Here’s Rob again with Part Two. More exercises and applications…

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